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May 10, 2018
The FAO initiative "Sustainable Wood for a Sustainable World" (SW4SW) focuses on how to make the most of the myriad social, economic and environmental benefits that can be derived fromsustainable wood and wood products. During this side event at the 13th UN Forum on Forests, new voluntary guidelines will be launched on making forest concessions in the tropics work to achieve the 2030 Agenda. These are aimed at improved forest production, a key element of sustainable forest products value chains. Speakers: World Bank | Werner Kornexl FAO | Eva Müller ITTO | Gerhard Dieterle...
March 29, 2018
PROFOR's Werner Kornexl and the World Bank's Ellysar Baroudy discuss the importance of forests - not just for biodiversity or for the communities who depend directly on forests, but for everyone on Earth. Watch the recording of the Facebook Live conversation from March 29, 2018.​
March 08, 2018
This webinar is the second in a series that introduces innovative multi-sector solutions to help SMEs in the forest sector thrive. This session will examine SMEs working with natural assets like wood and forest products, considering the important role of these SMEs in addressing climate change and inclusive growth. The webinar series lays out key sectoral knowledge and expertise that can contribute to a joint effort to enable SMEs in the forest sector to be competitive and grow in a sustainable manner. Participants will learn: - How instruments like the Forest Investment Program (FIP) have...
January 30, 2018
The LEAVES workshop will focus on innovations, lessons learned and approaches for reducing deforestation from beef, soy, and palm oil production chains.  It will also look at approaches for enhancing tree cover while producing shea butter, coffee, cacao and other commodities. Draft agenda is available under logistics below - please check back for a final agenda.  To participate in all or part of the workshop, RSVP to Join via WebEx ( Meeting number (access...
December 19, 2017
The development challenges of an increasingly connected world demand ever more comprehensive answers – and forests are no exception. The risks to forests stem from multiple sources, from the development of mining and road infrastructure, to expanding agricultural production, to growing demand for wood fuels. To address these challenges in a sustainable manner, leaders and stakeholders from other sectors must be engaged to develop solutions that both minimize damage to forests and optimize forests’ contribution to those sectors - in short, “forest-smart” solutions. What’s more, forest-smart...