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Climate Change

Not only are forests and trees essential for capturing the carbon emissions that contribute to climate change, but they can also build peoples’ resilience to climate variability. Forests can be especially important for poor communities, who may depend on forests for their livelihoods, and are likely to be the most severely impacted by climate change. By providing valuable ecosystem services and helping natural systems to adapt to unpredictable weather, forests and trees could be a low-cost way of balancing production, livelihood, adaptation and mitigation goals. PROFOR analysis and tools aim to help countries maximize the many benefits of forests, including helping them to implement their nationally determined contributions to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
When thinking of forests, don’t forget the value of trees

Over the past decade, commitments and support for Forest Landscape Restoration have grown significantly. As part of the Bonn Challenge, for instance, some 40 countries, sub-national jurisdictions, and non-governmental entities have now pledged to restore forest landscapes across 148 millio

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