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What experts mean by "SFM"

An effort by the Collaborative Partnership on Forests to clarify the concept of Sustainable Forest Management, or SFM, has yielded 8 accessible, well-documented, and concise fact sheets.

Use these as reference material on the multiple functions of forests, primary forests, food security and livelihoods, indigenous peoples, REDD+, biodiversity, gender and adaptation to climate change. Or simply to challenge your knowledge and appreciation for the roles forests play.

For example, did you know that there is the equivalent of only one football field of forest area available per person in the world? What would you like to do with your 0.6 hectares? Protect wildlife? Log for timber? Clear the land to grow food? Today's global average area per capita is shockingly only half what it was back in 1960.

Some of the fact sheets are also available in French and Spanish.

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