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Developing Certified Forests, Forest Products and Markets: An International Conference

In China, the second largest wood importer in the world, there is an escalating demand for wood products given the role the country plays as a major manufacturing center of goods used throughout the globe. As the producer of more certified finished wood products than any other country, China is also a major center of biodiversity with its forests being the most important ecosystems.

Seeking to seize the opportunity to help actors in China use forest resources wisely at the local level, in step with forest stewardship principles of certification, the Rainforest Alliance, with funding from PROFOR, organized a two-day international conference in Beijing, from April 2-3, 2008.

Convening over 240 people from industry, government, financial institutions, NGOs and academia, the conference highlighted market trends for certified forest products, and innovations in sourcing strategies. Further information is available on the Rainforest Alliance's website. 

Key trends that emerged at the conference included the increasing role of governments driving demand by enacting procurement policies that favor certified products, influencing responsible performance through tax and customs policies, and by increasing their acceptance of and supporting certification as a solution.  Business is recognizing the growing value of certification as a powerful way to manage risk in the supply chain, access to emerging “green” markets, be responsible to their shareholders and stakeholders (workers, communities) alike, and stay competitive in an increasingly volatile and dynamic business climate.    And finally, a key trend is how the credibility of third-party independent certification has trumped first-party claims, second-party industry compliance schemes, and even government regulatory mechanisms as a way to ensure customers, buyers and shareholders of product claims.

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Beijing, China
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Tuesday, April 1, 2008 - 20:00 to Wednesday, April 2, 2008 - 20:00
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Rainforest Alliance, PROFOR