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Columbia University: Reducing emissions from deforestation workshop

Continued tropical deforestation of 25-30 million acres per year is the second leading cause of global greenhouse gas emissions, behind fossil fuel combustion. The UNFCCC Parties at COP-11 referred the issue of tropical deforestation to the Subsidiary Body for Scientific and Technical Advice (SBSTA) as part of a two-year process. This process is a broad dialogue on procedural, technical and policy issues pertaining to tropical deforestation in developing countries and will result in recommendations to the UNFCCC's COP-13 in December 2007.

In partnership with the Rainforest Coalition, PROFOR and the World Bank sponsored a two-day workshop at Columbia University from March 13-14, 2006, on reducing emissions from deforestation in developing countries.

The event's purpose was to facilitate the development of a quality portfolio for the 'Submission of Views' to the UNFCCC Secretariat (due March 31st 2006) and to develop a strategy that will lead to meaningful solutions for deforestation in developing countries.

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Sub Title: 
A PROFOR Sponsored Event on Avoided Deforestation
Event Date: 
Sunday, March 12, 2006 - 19:00 to Monday, March 13, 2006 - 19:00
Event Partners & Organizers: 

PROFOR, Rainforest Coalition, The World Bank