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Synthesis of Key Papers with a Focus on Gender and Forest Landscapes

This annotated bibliography summarizes papers identified by the author as providing relatively recent and helpful evidence and thinking on the intersection of gender and forests (broadly defined to include landscapes with forests and agroforestry).  It aims to be useful to, and save time and effort of, project designers, researchers, development practitioners and others with an interest in understanding the issues related to, and links between, forests and gender. It was developed through discussions with key forest experts, WBG staff and CGIAR researchers and government and non-governmental partners and a review of literature and web-based resources. In many cases, the summary was taken directly from an abstract or executive summary (sometimes shortened); in some cases I attempted to synthesize the key focus, content and lessons from the document; thus I am responsible for any omissions or errors.  The authors and contributors captured below are gratefully acknowledged and thanked; in many cases, these documents are open access and freely available. The goal is that this information can and will be updated and improved if and when necessary. The web version will be on the PROFOR website and will be searchable by author names and keywords.