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KNOWFOR Evaluation: Co-financing and funds leveraging under PROFOR

The goal of PROFOR-funded activities is to play a catalytic role, whether that be through unlocking additional finance, spurring innovation in forestry, promoting linkages with other sectors, or spreading new knowledge and creating dialogue spaces on various topics. This means that oftentimes it is difficult to put an exact value on the influence that an activity has had, in numerical terms, or, the numerical calculations need to be qualified with some assumptions. Nevertheless, we have made a preliminary attempt to value the impacts of PROFOR funded activities, using some plausible assumptions.

For this analysis, PROFOR-funded activities from the past three years have been used to understand their influence in terms of raising co-financing, leveraging additional finance, and disseminating knowledge and spurring innovation. We have defined co-financing as the upfront investment in cash or in-kind pledged by donors, the recipient government and/or the Bank, to complement the PROFOR funding. This amount is already specified in the concept note for the activity.

A video featuring Dr. Jess Dart of Clear Horizons discusses the process and outcomes of the KNOWFOR partner-led evaluation.