• Knowledge | Developing a Road Map for Benefit Sharing Using the Options Assessment Framework


    While establishing effective and equitable benefit sharing mechanisms in the forest sector is clearly important, it has been a serious challenge in many countries. The major objective of this activity is to develop country road maps for benefit sharing arrangements using PROFOR’s Options Assessment Framework, which employs a participatory approach to analyze and improve benefit sharing arrangements. The technical assistance will target three countries in Latin America, Africa and East Asia

  • Knowledge | Improving the Forests Database to Support Sustainable Forest Management


    Methodological and sourcing changes could help improve World Bank forest data  such as forest rents, net forest depletion, and forest wealth. Improved data and increased data usage could equip policymakers to better manage forest resources, improve forest governance, increase transparency in the rent captured, and ultimately lead to increased reinvestment of forest rents in other forms of capital to grow the total wealth of the country.

  • Knowledge | Community Forestry and REDD+


    PROFOR is supporting a study that will contribute to the debate about the potential and constraints of community forestry approaches to strike a balance between forest management, livelihood enhancement and carbon sequestration in the context of emerging REDD+ architectures.

  • Knowledge | Developing Guidance on Forest Governance Data Collection for Assessment and Monitoring


    A compendium of evidence-based, forest governance data collection approaches could help countries decide between different options as they set out to respond to various requirements.

  • Knowledge | Assessing Impacts of Forest Governance Interventions


    By examining several Bank forestry programs and projects, which have a significant forest governance focus, this report identifies the bottlenecks to improve tracking the impacts of forest governance interventions and suggests ways in which they can be removed and the capacity for impact evaluation strengthened.

  • Knowledge | ICT Applications for Data Collection and Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) of Rural Development Projects


    This activity proposes to map and categorize available ICT systems and applications in order to provide substantive guidance to development project staff, clients and partners. The goal utlimately is to facilitate the use of appropriate ICT solutions in forest sector information management at the landscape level.

  • Knowledge | Nepal Forest Sector Survey


    This analysis of the the forest sector in Nepal provides policy priorities and recommendations to the Ministry of Forestry and Soil Conservation and other audiences, to improve mechanisms for resource mobilization in forestry, incentives, and governance. The newly published volume also includes a detailed overview of control problems currently encountered in the sale of timber from community-managed forests in the Terai area, and guidelines for contract preparation and administration.