• Knowledge | Institutional Analysis and Landscape Level Planning Guidelines for Watershed Development in India


    Watershed management will be key to feeding a growing population. Rainfed regions have lagged far behind and have experienced severe resource degradation due to inappropriate land use, poor husbandry and low investments. Longer-term climate change adds another worrying dimension.This activity aims to improve watershed management in India.

  • Knowledge | Developing a Road Map for Benefit Sharing Using the Options Assessment Framework


    While establishing effective and equitable benefit sharing mechanisms in the forest sector is clearly important, it has been a serious challenge in many countries. The major objective of this activity is to develop country road maps for benefit sharing arrangements using PROFOR’s Options Assessment Framework, which employs a participatory approach to analyze and improve benefit sharing arrangements. 

  • Knowledge | Political Economy Analysis for Decision-Making in Forestry


    This activity will examine a range of political economy issues arising from forest governance reform attempts. It will offer suggestions on how resistance can be mitigated and the support from would-be gainers strengthened to reduce the risks of sabotage.

  • Knowledge | Toolkit for Forest Control and Supervision


    Recent developments in trade policies of key timber consumer countries have increased the need for producer countries to ensure verification of the legal origin of timber. However, for the most part, tropical timber producer countries are not adequately prepared to meet such requirements. Bundling low cost tools for forest control and supervision could help government agencies meet their timber legality verification needs.

  • Knowledge | Community Forestry and REDD+


    PROFOR is supporting a study that will contribute to the debate about the potential and constraints of community forestry approaches to strike a balance between forest management, livelihood enhancement and carbon sequestration in the context of emerging REDD+ architectures.

  • Knowledge | State Forest Enterprise Reform Dialogue in Vietnam


    Over the past 15 years, Vietnam has taken steps toward reforming state forest enterprises into commercially viable businesses based on SFM principles. Progress has however been slow and incomplete. This PROFOR-financed activity proposes to develop and support a deeper forest sector policy dialogue in Vietnam.

  • Knowledge | Sustainable Management of Oasis Ecosystems in Tunisia


    This activity seeks to support the development of a coherent and comprehensive national strategy for sustainable management of traditional oasis ecosystems in Tunisia currently under threat.