Deforestation Trends in the Congo Basin: Main Recommendations

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A study on Deforestation Trends in the Congo Basin includes a number of recommendations policy makers can refine and flesh out at the national level in order to better reconcile economic growth and forest protection:

Cross-cutting Issues
  • Invest in participatory land use planning
  • Improve land tenure schemes
  • Strengthen institutions
  • Prioritize agricultural expansion on non-forested areas
  • Empower smallholder farmers
  • Promote a sustainable large-scale agribusiness industry
  • Foster win-win partnerships between large-scale operators and smallholders
  • Reinvigorate R&D towards sustainable productivity increase
Biomass Energy
  • Put woodfuel energy higher on the political agenda
  • Optimize the fuelwood/charcoal value chain
  • Diversify supplies
  • Foster community involvement through devolution of rights and capacity building
  • Respond to growing urban needs in terms of both food and energy
  • Improve transportation planning at local, national, and regional levels
  • Foster multi-modal transport networks
  • Properly assess the impacts of transportation investments before they occur
  • Pursue progress on sustainable forest management
  • Apply sustainable forest management principles to the informal sector
  • Modernize processing capacities
  • Foster the involvement of communities in forest management</