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Balancing biodiversity wealth and mining interests in Liberia

It isn’t difficult to put a monetary price on gold or diamonds: there are formulas and financial institutions in place for just that reason. But what is an ounce of these minerals worth when the unit of value is not dollars and cents, but area of high-quality habitat for pygmy hippos and forest elephants? That’s the complex question that one World Bank Group team is trying to answer for Liberia, as the country emerges from a deadly epidemic of Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) that caused over 4,400 deaths and widespread hardship. In the wake of the outbreak, Liberia’s real GDP growth for 2014 fell far short of projections, increasing interest in how Liberia’s largely-untapped natural resources could contribute to the country’s economic growth and socio-economic development. But Liberia also has wealth of another sort: the last extensive forest area in West Africa.

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